Services for hotels and venues

Eileen has an acute understanding of what makes a good afternoon tea and can advise hotels on how to improve their offering and provide recommendations to enhance the experience for their guests. Eileen normally offers this service as a mystery shop to give a fuller review and to ensure that it is unbiased by the waiting staff. It also offers you an honest review of your offering and details of how it can be approved.

What is included in the package:

  • Attend the hotel and try the afternoon tea offering as a member of the public

  • Eileen will attend the venue within two weeks of instructions to try the afternoon tea you have recommended. This will be booked as a member of the public and paid for with the cost then being claimed back at time of final invoice

  • Provide feedback on the food & beverage quality, presentation, service, pricing and menu in the form of a comprehensive written report

  • The report will include recommendations and improvement on each element of mentioned in the above bullet point

  • The marketing on your website will also be assessed and fed into the report to highlight if the marketing matches the experience

  • Advise on a score out of 100 and will award a certificate if you are above 70%

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